NunSlaughter / Fluids - Split cassette

$8.00 USD
NunSlaughter / Fluids - Split cassette

Obtained from Don of the Dead

A split with devil metal legends NUNSLAUGHTER and brutal death-grind sickos FLUIDS was definitely not on my bingo card for 2022.

But somehow this odd pairing really works. Having worked with both bands a handful of times over the years, I especially cherish this filthy slab of tape. It features new studio songs from both bands. A total of 12 minutes of aural depravity!

"Of course, the legendary NUNSLAUGHTER need no introduction, but on evidence of their three very short but very sweet tracks here, the Devil Metallers' latest lineup is arguably their best and tightest yet - more than 25 years later, there's no slowing down! Not to be outdone, Arizona's FLUIDS deliver four tracks of cyberdelic goregrind that prove why they've become the gore scene’s reigning kings of recent times - no safe spaces, and no escape!

Mandatory for sick fucks!

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