Brutalism - "Solace in Absurdity" CD

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Brutalism - "Solace in Absurdity" CD

Obtained from Comatose Music (USA)

I have been highly anticipating this band's debut album since being blown away by their 3-song demo in 2021. One listen to "Solace in Absurdity" and all my expectations have been exceeded!!!

Brutalism play old school brutal death metal in its most supreme form! Featuring members of Texas Ketamine (Maggot Stomp) and Regurgitated Entrails (New Standard Elite). The album boasts a nice, organic production, brutal gutturals and shredded wheats, scooped mids, audible bass, fun samples, with equal parts groove and technicality. Total brutal DM nostalgia delivered by a bunch of young'uns!

I was hearing the early works of Decrepit Birth, Deeds of Flesh, Mortal Decay, Malignancy, and Cryptopsy in their sound.

What a breath of fresh air in a scene that at times suffers from stagnancy! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

"Brutalism savagely unleashes their debut album 'Solace in Absurdity', eleven tracks of pure brutal death metal madness. The band masterfully blends their adoration of death metal's early years with their own uniquely twisted technicality and visions of horror. Avoiding the use of typical modern production, Brutalism have captured the essence of chaos with a raw, organic sound perfect for their uncontrollable sonic creations. Prepare for fierce inhuman vocals with a vortex of spine-mangling riffs, howling solos and torturous blast beats. A new age of cruelty and malady is upon us!"

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