DESPARITY - "The Incessant" cassette

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DESPARITY - "The Incessant" cassette

Imported from Into It Records (Netherlands)

This is the debut full-length album from this Dutch solo project (released in 2024). Written, performed, and recorded by a 16 year old!!! One listen to this and you'll find it extremely hard to believe!!!! It is so well-written and recorded that you'd swear this was the work of seasoned veterans. INSANE!

FFO: Desultory, Edge of Sanity, early Katatonia, early In Flames, Paradise Lost, etc.

"'The Incessant' is the matrimony of fast and melodic riffing a la 90s-era In Flames, At the Gates, and Dark Tranquillity with the low, slow, and utter doom passages of Evoken, Paradise Lost, and Esoteric. Songs that start off fast and melodic will decrescendo into slow and heavy while songs that start slow and heavy crescendo into fast and melodic. This very simple formula works exceptionally well as it is repeated throughout the album’s inoffensive 40-minute runtime."