SPLATTERHOUSE "The Diseased And The Deranged" Discography" CD

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SPLATTERHOUSE "The Diseased And The Deranged" Discography" CD

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As a pimple-faced teenager, New York's Razorback Recordings were highly influential on me. I was obsessed with the label, using dial-up and my parent's credit card to order whatever I could afford from the sick horror freaks. One of those albums was the 2004 debut of Splatterhouse: "The House That Dead Built"

I was hooked.

Already a massive Carcass fan, to me Splatterhouse (and bands like Impaled) were keeping their gory vision alive. This was during a time when Jeff Walker was off making horrible country music and Bill Steer was releasing stoner butt rock. And of course Ken Owen was unable to play drums due to a medical condition.

I cherished what Razorback was doing. To this day I still consider them a huge influence. Their vision and dedication - wow!

So yeah, that album from Splatterhouse was by far one of my favorites from the label. Criminally underrated! Just like Frightmare, Blood Freak, etc.

I was unbelievably stoked when I saw that Splatterhouse's discography was being reissued!! To me this is 100% MANDATORY! A must own!!!

Tracks 1-9: "The House That Dead Built" (Razorback Records & Goryfied Prod)
Tracks 11-14: Originally released as a split w/ GRUESOME STUFF RELISH on No Escape & Inimical Records
Tracks 15-16: Originally released as a split w/ Birdflesh on The Spew Records
Track 17 originally appeared on Devil Metal: A Tribute to NUNSLAUGHTER
Track 18 previously unreleased (originally by NASUM)

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