THORN / BODY ASPHYXIATION SCIENCE - “Entanglement of Symbiotic Dread” split cassette

$8.00 USD
THORN / BODY ASPHYXIATION SCIENCE - “Entanglement of Symbiotic Dread” split cassette

SOLD OUT Gurgling Gore release (2022)

Found a few extra copies in a box in our warehouse. Take advantage of this if you missed out on these the first time around. VERY LIMITED in quantity!!

Our 50th release as a label!

Gurgling Gore stalwarts THORN and BODY ASPHYXIATION SCIENCE have joined forces to spawn a split EP of cataclysmic proportions.

Fittingly titled “Entanglement of Symbiotic Dread,” the EP features a collaborative synth intro, 2 new crushing songs from THORN, and 3 brutal new songs from BODY ASPHYXIATION SCIENCE.

It will be available on limited edition cassette tape in 2 color variants: COKE BOTTLE CLEAR and ORANGE PUMPKIN OPAQUE. Both are limited to 100 each.

Sadly, this will be the final Thorn release for Gurgling Gore as Brennen is moving on to a new label for his next album.

Additionally, this will be the last release from Body Asphyxiation Science. Joss will be laying the project to rest and moving on to new musical endeavors.

With this in mind: it’s advisable that you do NOT sleep on this momentous release. You’ll be buying a piece of death metal history… before it’s been made!

  • Opaque Orange
    1 available 50%
  • Clear Brown
    4 available 100%