$9.00 USD

In conspiracy with Poland’s Behind the Mountain Records, Gurgling Gore will be releasing the cassette version of the new Anatomia / Eternal Rot split on February 26th. We are currently taking preorders.

💀Limited to 200
💀100 in the USA
💀100 in Europe
💀Art by Mark Riddick
💀Full-bleed shell print
💀30+ minutes of filth
💀Includes Bandcamp code

Looking to order this in Europe? Go visit Behind the Mountain at

Neither band needs any introduction, but in case you’ve been living under a rock…

Anatomia hail from Japan and have been churning out their dismal, doom-y variety of death metal since 2002. Originally highly inspired by Autopsy, the band has since developed a sound that is wholly their own – one that teeters between the atmospheric creepiness of funeral doom and the punishing ferocity of old school death metal. This is the band’s 4th split since their 2021 full-length masterpiece “Corporeal Torment.”

Eternal Rot is a Polish act formed in 2012. With a handful of full lengths and EPs under their belt, the trio have concocted a unique sound that flawlessly combines crawling, sludgy doom-ridden guitar and drumming with deep, gurgling guttural vocals. Think early Cianide riffs with a hint of Goatsnake, and vocals that wouldn’t be out of place on a goregrind record. Truly CRUSHING! Be sure to scoop up last year’s “Moribund” album from the band – it will blow you away.

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