EPITAPHE - “II” Cassette + Patch

$10.00 USD - $15.00 USD
EPITAPHE - “II” Cassette + Patch


"A highest possible recommendation is warranted, this is without question one of the most essential extreme metal records of 2022." - Grizzly Butts review of Epitaphe "II" - a perfect 100 out of 100 score!

The second full-length masterpiece from the French-based experimental death/doom act EPITAPHE. Featuring over 50+ minutes of mind-boggling, progressive death metal. It is truly impossible to compare this release to any other acts out there. EPITAPHE stand alone.

2 variants:

Gold Shell w/ White Ink
Rust Norelco Case
(Lmtd. to 100)

Cream Shell w/ Blue Ink
Mint Norelco Case
(Lmtd. to 100)

A limited number of tapes come bundled with a limited edition EPITAPHE patch!!!

The patch features the band's logo (with the cover painting woven into it) and outlined in metallic gold threads. Masterfully crafted by Nuclear War Now! Productions. Lmtd. to 100!!