Paranoia Apparition - “Phantasmic Visions” cassette

$8.00 USD
Paranoia Apparition - “Phantasmic Visions” cassette

This was originally released in 2022 by Gurgling Gore. It has long since sold out. The band members found some extra copies stored away in a box. We're selling them here. First come, first serve.

Paranoia Apparition is a "supergroup" of sorts. Featuring members of ex-Fluids, Thorn, Maul, Drogheda, and ex-Hemdale, as well as a guest appearance by Jamie Stewart (Hot Graves, The Absence). Mixed and mastered by Myk Colby (Wharflurch, Plasmodulated).

"Phantasmic Visions" features 6 tracks of dissonant, viciously-executed death-grind. Very atmospheric. Very chaotic. Very bizarre and unsettling.

Comes housed in a fold-out, full-color, two-sided printed Maltese case. The front is adorned with a cryptic painting by @datura_ad – the fold-out interior features all of the lyrics to the EP’s 6 songs. Unique packaging for a unique release! Includes a Bandcamp code.

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