Paranoia Apparition - "Phantasmic Visions" Cassette

$10.00 USD
Paranoia Apparition - "Phantasmic Visions" Cassette

Limited to 300 copies!!
-150 clear black w/ pink print
-150 pink clear w/ purple print

Housed in full-color, fold-out Maltese cross packaging. A first for Gurgling Gore! **Includes a free logo sticker and Bandcamp download code

These are NOT a preorder and will be shipping out immediately (as long as you don't pair them with a preorder item). All tapes will be shipped with a plastic lock to keep them from unspooling in transit.


Introducing PARANOIA APPARITION – the new side project supergroup featuring Brennen Westermeyer (Fluids/Thorn) on guitars, Garrett Alvarado (Maul) on vocals, and Evan Thomas (Drogheda/Hemdale) on drums. Mixing and mastering by Myk Colby of Wharflurch/Plasmodulated. Featuring guest vocals by Jamie Stewart (The Absence) on track #6.

Paranoia Apparition play a vicious form of death grind that is equal parts relentless, atmospheric, chaotic, and bizarre. To these old ears, it is reminiscent of acts such as: Cattle Decapitation, Carbonized, Wake, and Circle of Dead Children. However, it’s difficult to pinpoint any direct comparisons, as this truly has a sound all its own.

Gurgling Gore will be releasing their debut EP “Phantasmic Visions” this Friday, 3/18 beginning at 3PM (EST). It will be available on limited edition cassette tape. There will be 2 shell variants. They will be housed in a fold-out, full-color, two-sided printed Maltese case. The front is adorned with a cryptic painting by @datura_ad – the fold-out interior features all of the lyrics to the EP’s 6 songs. Unique packaging for a unique release!